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This Acceptable Usage Policy covers the security and use of all Titus Learning's information and IT equipment. It also includes the use of email, internet, voice and mobile IT equipment. This policy applies to all Titus Learning's employees, contractors and agents (hereafter referred to as ‘individuals’). This policy applies to all information, in whatever form, relating to Titus Learning's business activities worldwide, and to all information handled by Titus Learning relating to other organisations with whom it deals. It also covers all IT and information communications facilities operated by Titus Learning or on its behalf.

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Computer Access Control

You can download the FULL policy in PDF format by clicking HERE.

  • Individual’s Responsibility Access to the Titus Learning's IT systems is controlled by the use of User IDs, passwords and/or tokens. All User IDs and passwords are to be uniquely assigned to named individuals and consequently, individuals are accountable for all actions on the Titus Learning's IT systems. Individuals must not: 
  • Allow anyone else to use their user ID/token and password on any Titus Learning IT system.
  • Leave their user accounts logged in at an unattended and unlocked computer.
  • Use someone else’s user ID and password to access Titus Learning's IT systems.
  • Leave their password unprotected (for example writing it down).
  • Perform any unauthorised changes to Titus Learning's IT systems or information.
  • Attempt to access data that they are not authorised to use or access.
  • Exceed the limits of their authorisation or specific business need to interrogate the system or data.
  • Connect any non-Titus Learning authorised device to the Titus Learning network or IT systems.
  • Store Titus Learning's data on any non-authorised Titus Learning equipment.
  • Give or transfer Titus Learning data or software to any person or organisation. Outside Titus Learning without the authority of Titus Learning. Line managers must ensure that individuals are given clear direction on the extent and limits of their authority with regard to IT systems and data.