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Number of topics: 7

Price: £220; Duration: ~2 days. 

This course provides theory and practical examples of uncertainty budgets. After this course, you will be able to read and understand uncertainty budgets, and perform the calculations needed to complete them.

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Number of topics: 2

Price: Free; Duration: ~ 1 hour.

A description of trustworthiness in an AI context, and a discussion of how it is achieved and demonstrated.

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Number of topics: 3

Price: free; Duration: ~1.5 hours. 

This short course introduces the concept of measurement uncertainty, including its importance and the basics of uncertainty evaluation.

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Number of topics: 10

Price: £275; Duration: ~2 days. 

This advanced course expands on concepts introduced in 'Understanding Uncertainty Budgets'. It explores three approaches to uncertainty evaluation: the GUM uncertainty framework, a Monte Carlo method, and analytical methods.

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Number of topics: 8

Price: £299; Duration: ~1 day. 

This course introduces coordinate measurement, and shows how a variety of portable co-ordinate measuring systems can be applied to measurements in industry.

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